mai lahWelcome to Err...what? Why What kind of a website is named after an email address anyway? Well, I couldn't come up with better name, so sue me. Maybe later...

Actually, all this crap you're reading right now is really just filler material to take up space, since the main page looks otherwise very empty without some text to at least fill up half a page or so, depending on your resolution, I'm at 1600x1200 :) So, you don't really have to read this. Try some of the other pages which are linked on top, if you're bored and have nothing better to do. If you're here, you must either know me, or participate in one of the online forums I frequent, or you're a fan of B-grade movies with mind-boggling bad acting about killer dinosaurs made from papier-mache, or you are an insomniac surfing aimlessly for carnal dino p0rn. You shouldn't...seriously...

FYI, this page was designed to work perfectly with 4th generation or newer browsers. I've tested it many moons ago with Netscape Communicator 4.75, IE 5.0, Opera 4.02 (w/Java support) and even Mozilla M17 (w/Java support), all under Windows 98SE. Now I'm on Windows XP and IE 6.0, Mozilla 1.5 and one of the recent Mozilla Firefox(previously known as Mozilla Firebird or Phoenix) nightly builds and can't really be buggered to do any extensive testing no more. The page should be HTML compliant. It looks good on my system(currently with a recent Firefox nightly, Mozilla 1.5 and IE 6.0), so I'm happy. There are some quirks with Opera 7, which I'm in the process of debugging, but I suspect it's an Opera bug, since it seems to handle CSS/Javascript in a non-standard way. If you're using Opera 7 and you notice something amiss, tough luck for now. Otherwise, if for some reason something on this page looks screwed up on your system, then you suck - upgrade your browser.

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carnasaur.com Yet another mini update in the gallery from when I just got back. I like mini updates coz they only take a minute. So there'll be a couple more mini updates coming in the near future.

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Last Updated Sunday, January 7th, 2007

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