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Sihan Goi
OBJECTIVE A full-time position utilizing my background in Computer Engineering, specializing in Computer Architecture, Hardware and programming.

Masters of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Cornell University (Aug 2004 - May 2005)
GPA - 3.97

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Engineering)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Sep 1996 - April 2000)
Cum Laude


M. Eng Project - Darpa Grand Challenge (Jan 2005 - May 2005)
Designed a high speed, flexible client-server network protocol for data transfer between various on-vehicle sensors and the central Sensors World Model. The solution was implemented in C using UDP over Gigabit Ethernet and simulated to exceed over 100MB/s with optimized parameters.

M.Eng Project with Prof Dave Albonesi (Apr 2005 - May 2005)
Performed initial investigations on the performance, power and thermal characteristics of chip multiprocessing (CMP), simultaneous multithreading (SMT) and hybrid designs. Modified Sim-Outorder and integrated WATTCH and HotSpot simulators to model the 3 designs using clustering.

M.Eng Project with Prof Martin Burtscher (Aug 2004 - Dec 2004)
Developed a C subset compiler from an existing compiler frontend, and implemented Single Static Assignment as well as various compiler optimizations on an Alpha Tru64 UNIX machine.

BS. Eng Project with Prof Todd Austin (Sep 1999 - Dec 1999)
Designed a hybrid pattern-based branch predictor and Branch Target Buffers, and integrated it with the front end architecture for the Verisimple Alpha pipeline to improve performance, and implemented it in SimpleScalar. With this new algorithm, I successfully improved performance due to a reduction in branch mispredictions.

BS. Eng Project with Prof Sugih Jamin (Jan 2000 - April 2000)
Implemented a client-server real time audio streaming program in C, incorporating a jitter handling algorithm to address the issue of lost/late packets, thereby producing smoother playback.

BS. Eng Project with Prof Brian Noble (Sep 1999 - Dec 1999)
Developed a high performance multi-threaded HTTP proxy server software for UNIX, and implemented it with sockets programming in C. Performance increase was achieved by integrating a caching algorithm to decrease bandwidth requirements due to retransmission of available data.

Undergraduate Classes
C Programming, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization, Computer Architecture, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Operating Systems.

Graduate Classes
Optimizing Compilers, Computer Architecture, High Performance Processor Architecture, Microcontrollers, Contemporary Issues in Computer Architecture, Project Management.


DigiSAFE Pte Ltd
Engineer (Jul 2006-Present)
Involved in the research, design and implementation of PC security hardware. Responsible for the entire product development cycle, including market research, parts selection, prototyping and testing.

46th Singapore Armoured Regiment, Ministry of Defence
Armoured Vehicle Commander, Productivity Specialist, Platoon 2nd In Command (Oct 2001-April 2003)
Operated and maintained a M113 Ultra Armored Fighting Vehicle and associated weapons systems, and commanded 10 men as a Vehicle Commander as well as 40 men as Platoon 2nd In Command. Facilitated the company's productivity effort as a Productivity Specialist.

KopiToneZ, University of Michigan, MI
IT Consultant (April 1999 - April 2000)
Designed, implemented and maintained the group's website in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Liaised with external organizations on IT-related issues.

University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MI
Student Grader (Sep 1999 - April 2000)
Assisted Prof Bill Rounds and Prof Gregory H. Wakefield in the evaluation of student assignments and projects for a Discrete Mathematics class.

Singapore Students Association, IT Sub-committee, MI
Webmaster (Sep 1996 - Aug 1999)
Member of the IT Sub-committee. Responsible for the revamp and maintenance of the SSA website, as well as moderation/maintenance of the email group.


Operating Systems: Solaris/SunOS, IRIX, Linux, Mac OS, Win32
Programming Languages: C/C++, Verilog, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
Software: MS Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Syntrillium CoolEdit Pro
Hardware: Familiar with the installation/maintenance of various PC hardware

Fluent in English, Mandarin

HONORS Dean's List at University of Michigan, 6 terms
Class Honors at University of Michigan, 2 terms
AFFILIATIONS Member, Eta Kappa Nu (EECS Honours Society)

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