who is goi?

I am GoiGoi is me, and I am Goi.

Seriously though, Goi is my last name. My full name is Sihan Goi, or over in Singapore, Goi Sihan (we do it last name, first name in Singapore, but not all the time. Confusing? Well, you get used to it.) I found out most people can't pronounce my first name to my satisfaction, so since a long time ago I've been known by my last name. Some of my friends don't even remember my first name anymore, so its confusing (not to mention amusing) when they call me up at home asking for "Goi". =)

Enough of this name trivia, and more about me. I'm a not so fresh graduate from Cornell University in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as the University of Michigan in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(EECS, pronounced EEKS!) department. I majored in Computer Engineering, specializing in Microarchitecture. Visit those links only if you're really bored.

Right now I'm 26 years old, located in a way too boring Ithaca, and unemployed. I not-so-recently completed my obligatory stint at the Singapore Armed Forces, as a Specialist in the Force, I'm gonna say any more about that since it ain't important anyway.

I'm a fresh(depending on when this document was updated) graduate from Cornell, with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in Computer Architecture. I'm trying to find a job in this area (or at least I'm supposed to be), so if you think you can hire me check out my uber resume. Soon I'll get a real job *gulp*, earn $250K a year, drive an NSX, party all weekend, marry a babe and make lotsa kids. Either that or hit the homeless shelter alone, shivering in the cold, end up getting hit by an NSX on my way to the salvation army, and die at 27. Wait, I'm almost 27 and I don't see myself dying yet, so make that 29 maybe. Either way works, but I'd kinda prefer option #1...kinda.

What else can I say? I'm not gonna reveal too much about myself since I think its meaningless and you'll probably forget it anyway by your next mouse click. So, this page is really here only for completeness sake. It feels weird to me to have a personal homepage without getting at least a bit personal about myself =) If you want to know me better, tough luck! I've been known to be unfriendly to strangers, and even acquaintances. You can find me on Friendster, drop me a message, but unless I know you, or you're a friend of a friend, some vague acquaintance, someone important or a chiobu, don't expect a reply =)

that's it

Yes, that's it for this page. Shoo, go wander off somewhere else...